Peter Lance's "Triple Cross" And How It Is That Osama Bin Laden's Master Spy Lives Among Us, Supported With Our Tax Dollars

The previous note about email reminded me that one of those I answered but the server won't take is a response to Peter Lance, a journalist and the author of "Triple Cross". Peter saw my post here the other day and kindly emailed me. Hopefully, I'll be able to get that reply out later today too but here's what is important.

If you didn't happen to catch the synopsis of Ali Mohamed, please do so (my previous post is here). Mohamed is the super spy recruited by bin Laden's #2, Al Zawahiri, to assassinate Sadat in 1981 only to be snuck into the U.S. by the CIA (if not also the NSA) where Mohamed then worked his way through a number of hush hush security organizations - all while still loyal to Osama - before he helped plan both the first (1993)and then the second (and most fatal) attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.

Our punishment to him? Why, we're apparently paying him well to reside in the greater New York City metro area in the federal witness protection program, and with many of the people who should have been able to stop Mohammed now holding sweet positions in the Bush 43 Administration.

Something smell there? Oh, you betcha.

Mohamed is the subject of Peter Lance's "Triple Cross" and I have to say it sounds like a must-read. Near the top right sidebar of this blog you'll find a link to order a copy (or just click here). You can also check out Peter's Web site here. This is a story that not only should be known, it really MUST be known.

If anyone has had the chance to read it already, I'd love to hear your comments.