What The Bushies Complained About In Iraqi Prime Minister More Than Applies To Bush

As I have ranted to others in (voice) conversations today, and as Keith Olbermann said on Countdown on MSNBC tonight, the nasty complaints "slipped" to the press by NSA chief (as well as neoconservative and Condi Rice's bad elf) about the Bush Administration "serious" concerns with al Maliki, the current "puppet" head of Iraq seems FAR more application to President Bush and his Administration as well about - but not exclusive to - Iraq.

Maureen Dowd in a column I just cited says it:

Mr. Hadley bluntly mused about Mr. Malaki: “His intentions seem good when he talks with Americans, and sensitive reporting suggests he is trying to stand up to the Shi’a hierarchy and force positive change. But the reality on the streets of Baghdad suggests Maliki is either ignorant of what is going on, misrepresenting his intentions, or that his capabilities are not yet sufficient to turn his good intentions into action.”

It’s bad enough to say that about the Iraqi puppet. But what about when the same is true of the American president?
Bush talks one thing, does another, can't stand up to any scrutiny (although he bulls through it), and his capabilities are not yet sufficient to do any good. This isn't just sad. It's not a mistake (because they've been told it's a mistake for years now and they won't change).

As Jurassic Park says at Welcome to Pottersville when he says, "Impeach The Cheerleader [Bush], And Save The World", I said a bit more strongly Tuesday when I indicated that the Bush actions in so many different areas - chiefly in wars, but there is also the economy, homeland security, ad infinitum - rises to the occasion of acts of treason.




Not a word to be said lightly, even though the Bushies have bandied it about to describe and try to terrorize (terrorize - no hyperbole there either - an administration which has made a standard and continuous practice of terrorizing its own citizens) every patriot and every citizen who stood up and said, "What you do is not right; it is not the American way as we think our forefathers intended."

Treason, ladies and gentlemen.

Nothing less.