Just Because The Iraq Study Group Recommends Bringing Troops Home From Iraq Before the Start of 2008 Presidential Primary Season

... should in NO WAY whatsoever be perceived to mean that the ISG [ aka Baker-Hamilton Commission, aka More Ways To Funnel Big Checks To Bush Friends] is more interested in the Republican Party's chance to steal yet another presidential election than it is in recommending what is best for:

  • Iraq
  • The World
  • Our soldiers fighting and dying

I mean, it's simply coincidence that they happened to recommend a date that would help Rudy Giuliani or John McCain. A coincidence very much like Ronald Reagan just happening to arrange the American hostages being held in Iran got released in time for him to take office in 1980.
Honestly, Republicans only want what's best for themselves mankind (mankind is correct since it's clear they don't give a rat's aborted ass about womankind).