Scooter "Crutches" Libby Still Has It?

And why?

Why would Scooter Libby, under indictment, still have the highest level of the nation's security clearance?

I mean, one of the big red flags AGAINST someone getting any level of security clearance has always been ANYTHING that might make you easily compromised - meaning that you have something hanging around in your current or past that someone else could threaten to disclose. One would think Scooter Baby - and ol Turd Blossom Karl Rove - would certainly fit that bill (a few thousand times over).

I'm Baaa-aaa-aaack

I'll spare you the long story about the projects from hell, disks sent to publishers that went missing, followed by an Internet worm that took my entire network out from early afternoon Wednesday until just a few hours ago, despite the fact that I've spent my entire holiday weekend on it (I seem to have skipped giving thanks on Thursday). I'm still trying to get Outlook Express to accept my message store and then triple disinfect every file that should have gotten to a publisher last week. It's another all nighter at Chateau Someone Else's Schadenfreude Ecstasy.


But it's nice to "see" you all again, and man, do I hope you had a better holiday and more reasons to give thanks. I also hope your turkey is history (the last of mine went into soup and sandwiches today).