Only Bush Fails to Realize That Help From Henry Kissinger Is No Help At All

Driftglass points us to this from Asia Times:

Iraq: Kissinger's 'decent interval', take two

By Marc Erikson

At age 83, Henry Kissinger aims to recapture former glory - or ignominy as it were. Thirty-three years after being honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to Vietnam (he didn't), he is insinuating himself into the row over US Iraq policy. The prospect of seeing Kissingerian principles and methods of realpolitik applied to the mess in the Middle East makes one shudder.
Crap. Bush should just give up and ask the Bush Twats Twins what to do in Iraq.

Really, those silly, drunken, drugged up pieces of flotsam he (I assume) sired really couldn't be any worse than what has been proposed by the likes of Cliff May, Jim Baker, Lee Hamilton, Bechtel, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, and my former neighbor (and still the war criminal I would most like tried), Henry Kissinger.