Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Proponent of Torture, Can't Think of a Mistake He's Made

Grrrrrr.... while he's "quieter" than John Ashcroft in the same job, I think "Bush's favorite lawyer" has made plenty of mistakes (I call them acts of terror, if not full treason), including that of routinely terrorizing American citizens.

From Think Progress:

Today on CNN’s Situation Room, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was asked if he could think of a single mistake he’s made during his service to President Bush during the last six years. He couldn’t do it.

Gonzales told Wolf Blitzer, “I think that you and I would — I’d have to spend some time thinking about that.” He added, “Obviously I’ve made some recommendations to my client. Some of those recommendations have not been supported in the courts. In hindsight, you sometimes wonder, well, perhaps, perhaps the recommendation should have been something different.”