NYPD "Deserves Justice" In 50-Shot Firing At Unarmed Black Men

You know, I'd feel more inclined to agree with this opinion piece stating that the NYPD deserves "justice" in the case where they fired 50 (count 'em) shots (one cop had to reload) at a vehicle with three unarmed black men, killing one EXCEPT...

Amadou Diallo still comes to mind. And there have been more Diallos. Where was the justice there?

And why, days after this incident, have the police officers NOT been interviewed? Oh, I know why. The cops' union keeps this from happening.

You shoot somebody, and you answer up right then unless you're very rich (think Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez in that club shooting years back). But if you're a cop who shoots in cities like NY, no one can interview that cop until the union agrees.

Weeks can pass.

So yeah, bring on justice. But justice for all. Not just for five cops.