A Crime Likely To Get Little Attention

Serial killers usually stay successful (by their definition) by targeting those who are less likely to be missed or reported missing or won't likely call a cop or who engage in so-called "high risk" behavior. The Green River Killer from Seattle took a couple decades to catch, with a minimum of 46 women to his kill count.

So yeah, I think New Jersey does have a serial killer on its hands.

The third of four women found face down in a drainage ditch outside of Atlantic City, N.J., has been identified by New Jersey authorities as a prostitute, leading police to fear that a serial killer is on a murderous rampage targeting hookers at the low end of the city's thriving underground service industry.

Last week, the bodies of four women were found in a watery ditch along "Black Horse Pike," a seedy, destitute strip of cheap motels along Route 40 in Egg Harbor Township, N.J., located a few miles from Atlantic City.

The bodies were found within a few hundred feet of each other, all face down in several inches of water, heads turned east, wearing clothes but no shoes or socks.

At least one of the victims died of strangulation; another, officials said, died by asphyxia "by unspecified means."

Based on the decomposition of their bodies, authorities believe the women died on different days, from two days to up to a month before their bodies were discovered.

The three identified victims had worked as prostitutes. Atlantic County prosecutor Jeffrey S. Blitz said dental records had identified the third victim as Barbara V. Breidor, 42.
Unfortunately, at any given time, between 2,500 and 5,000 serial killers may operate within the U.S. Now there's a statistic.

Of the estimated 8,000 people who go missing each day, there is simply no way to tell how many end up ... well... our interstate system and the problems still inherent between communicating information between different jurisdictions continues to make it very tough if a live person taken from one city ends up dead in a different city... all the Jerry Bruckheimer/CSI shit aside.