Followup to Paul Krugman's Economic Storm Signals

[Ed. note: Yeah, well, I broke this into two posts so a single one does not go on endlessly like the Bush "presidency."]

Following up Krugman's 12/1 column (see here or in full there):

So that's:

  • bye bye housing boom
  • bye bye a strong value for your home
  • bye bye jobs (unless you want to greet folks who can still afford to shop at Wal-Mart or work at a restaurant where the most pressing question is, "Want fries with that?")
  • bye bye to what's left of the middle class
  • hello fuel prices climbing sharply post election (funny how that works with Bush in office)
  • hello to yet more tax cuts for billionaires
  • hello to advising your kids to enlist in the Army since Bush's wars at least make for that kind of job security
  • hello 29% interest on your rising credit card debt
  • hello depressing recession (it's hardly a receding depression, is it?)
And last, but hardly least:

Sayonara sucker (and yes, that is the correct spelling; imagine that!) to all the poor people who voted Republican against their own best interests; after all, who needs a place to live, health insurance, three meals a day, heat, or gas for the car you can't afford the monthly payments on anyway.

Oh yeah, one more thing: buy LOTS of red pens. You'll need the ink when balancing your checkbook in what remains of the Bush 43 hellish death sentence to everything we hold dear term. ::cough::

But hey, if you get too depressed, here's a cheery note: I read recently that it is not uncommon for the Bush twins to run up between $1,000 and $5,000 for a night out on the town for friends. Thankfully, these little "never held a job in their lives but can party every minute of everyday right through the same war killing lots of people their age" don't have to pay the bills. They expect bars and restaurants and resorts and such to simply write off the tab because they're ever so special.

Feel better? Me neither.