I Agree With Bush This Much: We Can't Just Pull Troops From Iraq

However, to have President Bush insist "we can't leave until victory" is achieved begs the questions: whose victory and how is victory defined?

I do not believe that we can in any good faith just walk out of Iraq after all we have done to hurt this country; we've basically abandoned Afghanistan making it far worse than before Bush sent troops in there to "catch Osama bin Laden dead or alive" on October 8, 2001 (I remember where I was at the moment).

But if this was a fucking football team, we'd fire the manager. No? Well, we're having more than just a couple losing seasons here, folks.

So keep troops there, but can (impeach and try for treason) Bush and Cheney, and then bring back in those military men who told us even before we landed in Iraq what the Bushies planned was wrong to figure out how to fix it.

Then we need investigations into all the money filtered to Halliburton (run by Cheney before 2001) and Bechtel (run by Rumsfeld and company before 2001) and others and probably not only force these companies into receivership and take all assets to reimburse the people of Afghanistan and Iraq first, and then the taxpayers of the U.S. I would think seizing Bush and Cheney family assets until trials (note: plural) can determine culpability.

Oh, and then Mr. Popular Politician, Rudy Giuliani and his "sudden" Giuliani & Associates needs truly serious scrutiny for how he got all these no-bid sweetheart contracts ONLY after 9-11. I think he might need to cut a multi-million dollar check back to American taxpayers and the people of Iraq as well.