Well, my fight with my access company resulted in total cutoff so unless and until things change, you'll see me when I can get to the library OR the middle of June when my free hours on NetZero (and what a zero) restart.

God bless and continue to fight the good fight.

Greg Mitchell's Latest: Book on Joe Galloway

Kath also wanted me to recommend Greg Mitchell's - at EditorandPublisher's - latest column on retiring war correspondent Joe Galloway.

PRJ of the jaundiced eye

Give if you can

Spoke to Kath tonight who is fighting a good fight with a communication comp she threatened to sue for spying. Give to her alternative communication plan if you can; if you can't, she says to try to spare a dollar or two for Indonesia or something else worthwhile.

uh oh.. I forgot one more think she asked me to psot. brb

An Inconvenient Truth

Living not too far from civilization, I had the pleasure (if you can call the fear it inspires) to see An Inconvenient Truth this weekend.

Anyone else? If so, what is your review?

If not, I highly recommend it. Check it out at Climate Crisis.



Filling In: The Horrors of Haditha

KC asked me to post in her absence although I do not know quite how to do this without borrowing her account.

My question is how do you feel about the tales of what the Marines supposedly did in Haditha, detailed on NBC news tonight, the socalled revenge killings that took out male students, children, and mothers, what could be calle the My Lai of the Iraqi war?

Is this biz as usual in war or great tragedy or don't you care?


Do Not Assume the Republicans Will Lose Power

I "borrowed" access to say just one more thing here, one I think is vitally important.

In 2000, few people believed anyone like George Bush and his ilk could gain power. He did.

In 2004, few people believed that George Bush and his ilk would retain power. But they did.

Questionable electronic voting procedures (not just electronic voting directly but through highly questionable electronic scanning of even paper ballots), vote fixing, manipulation of public terror, and wholesale corruption can very well keep us from any changes this November OR in 2008.

This blog, others like it, and everyone must work together to ensure that the questionable voting is neutralized (sure, Republicans can win but let's damned well make sure they were the voters' will and not purchased through errant code programmed into machines and other special interest programs), that freedom and democracy CAN reign again - when they have not in some time.

Normal Reps, Dems, Indies, and others must come together to fight the culture of corruption in WHATEVER camp it exists.

Iraq - It Just Gets Worse

(Who knew I'd be able to get on via my free account for a few minutes when the one I pay for does not work?)

Anyway, you've no doubt heard about the increasingly new records of bloodshed in Iraq.

The populace there seriously is divided about the new government and the Washington Post is now calling Iraq the Republic of Fear.

Is the American Idol Contest Over Yet?

Can humanity come out now?

Can Indonesia Catch a Break Between Earthquakes, Tsunamis and More?

Sure doesn't seem so. One of the poorer regions of the world is also one of the most vulnerable to everything. As poor as I am right now, I'm trying to sell some miscellaneous stuff to donate to relief efforts

Problems, Problems, and Paucity of Posts

Sorry that I've been offline during the holiday weekend. I have a problem with my communication system that doesn't look like I can resolve it quickly so I need to change communication entries, something that's hard to do right now because my expenses are going into preparing my house for sale.

Someone who sent email over the weekend suggested I post a note here, and ask for small donations (if 15 people gave $20 or 20 gave $15, for example, I could go with a new communication system). This isn't a big plea, but without it, I'll probably be unable to post much for at least the next 4-6 weeks.

IF - and that's IF - you have a few dollars and want to keep the blog going, you can use the Amazon Honor System tip jar I set up but never used before or go to paypal.com where they will direct you in how to send money. My paypal ID is katejchase@cut-to-the-chase.net.

One way or another, I'll see you folks again soon.