Post 2 of 2: Why Is The Bush 43 Administration Protecting Ali Mohamed?

See my previous post (before the CentCom) statement for the lead-up to this. My information, in addition to some research in the past several hours, comes from Peter Lance, former ABC newsman, who appeared on this morning's "Democracy Now" to discuss material in what could be a shattering new book, "Triple Cross" (and if you wonder who was crossed, it's the American people and, by extension, the rest of the world). You can order "Triple Cross" here.

Among the information Lance shared today was:

  • that Mohammed was hand-picked by the man called Osama Bin Laden's #2 man in Al Qaeda, Dr. Al-Zawahiri, to be part of the assassin squad to kill Anwar Sadat in 1981
  • that although Mohamed's name was added to a "do not allow entry to U.S." terrorist watch list, the CIA (another source says the NSA may have helped) brought Mohamed into the U.S.
  • Mohamed was "fast tracked" into American citizenship, marrying a woman named Linda Sanchez in a drive-through wedding chapel in Reno, Nevada
  • Mohamed went to Fort Bragg where he infiltrated the elite Delta Force and the Green Berets
  • Mohamed also infiltrated top level CIA, FBI, and other federal organizations to have access to the most sensitive information possible re: national and global security and terrorism
  • Mohamed was intimately involved in plans to orchestrate the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as the September 11th terrorist attack on the now fallen World Trade Center in 2001
  • That the organization charged with going after Mohamed apparently did anything but - the Federal Southern office out of New York where Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald (remember Plamegate and how Karl Rove - aka Fat Rat Fuck - walked?) may have signed off on giving Mohamed witness protection status. Also at the office when the investigation began long before 2001 was none other than NY mayor for 9-11 Rudy (skinny rat fuck) Giuliani.
  • Mohamed is believed to be living right in the New York city metro area as we speak, on our tax dollar
  • Many of those involved in allowing Mohammed such access to this country and its "dearest" secrets hold lofty positions in the Bush 43 Administration (and Mohamed may have infiltrated the CIA, in a triple flip, when Bush 41 led the agency)
And yes, I'm giving an abbreviated version.