The McCain, Republican Way: Less Jobs, More War

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films brings us its latest hard-hitting film, this one driving it home about Iraq, McCain, the war machine and on, ad infinitum.

BTW, Brave New Films is also looking for assistance in helping fund their effort. I know money is tough, but for those with the wallet and the heart, check the links at the film.

Tornado Aid Desperately Needed In Deep South

Thanks to Monkeyfister - and those he contacted to get the word out - progressive blogs are calling on all with the resources to do so to learn what's needed in the areas ravaged by rare winter tornados which occurred Super Tuesday night; death toll at 52 and expected to rise.

Read Monkeyfister here.


Hey, Healthy People: You Cost TOO Much!

A new report says that healthy people who live longer COST society MORE than smokers and the obese. Oops.

Thankfully, I'm only moderately healthy and will probably die early so I won't cost too much. ;)

Ouch - Super Duper Recession Tuesday, Too

Wall Street is seeing one of its worst days thanks to fresh evidence the recession is DEEPENING.

For Super(duper) Tuesday coverage

Please check out my posts at All Things Democrat (this, from a lifelong til now Indy) to see how:

  • the Republicans are shitting themselves
  • West Virginia votes first for Romney than seals its delegates to Huckabee "(Aren't dinosaurs still here?")
  • why they're saying John McCain will break the Republican Party in two (don't believe it, myself - they've been a divided party for a long time, usually divided between those with a brain and no heart, and those with feint heart and little brain and then a huge number of folks with some brain and heart who get stuck with loser, pathological candidates).

Is Monsanto Behind An Effort To KEEP You From Eating Healthy Food?

Since I first heard about this move by some states, in an effort supposedly underwritten and spurred by Monsanto (the makers of genetically modified seed and people who, even more than Dow Chemicals, espousing the belief of "better living through dangerous chemicals") to get some states to underwrite a national law that would BAN companies who choose NOT to put chemically-adulterated natural food like cream into their products from NOTING ON THE LABEL their decision, I have been roaring mad.

I say this not just as someone involved in another ice cream company that chooses NOT to use milk from cows treated with bovine growth hormone (rBST, sometimes also called BGH) but as a citizen who WANTS products NOT adulterated, who reads labels to determine what I prefer to buy.

I'm not natural-food-nik; sadly, like everyone else, I eat my share of chemicals. But in various areas, I prefer NOT to provide certain chemicals to my family when I can choose another product that DOES NOT possess them.

To force yet another law down our throats that would PURPOSELY deceive us in labeling is just WRONG.