Australia Sees Reason And Ousts Their Bush Anyway

Three cheers for Australia for sending their leader, John Howard, packing.

Apparently, the Aussies don't let voters do Diebold.

Rudd, his replacement, sees the great wrong of the Bush agenda AND wants to apologize (not like an apology fixes history but still, we've never managed to apologize for slavery) to the aboriginals for the great racial cleansing committed in the name of Australia's colonization.

Cheers, Australia. And thank you. Let us only hope America can get rid of their Bushie, too.

A Heart Where There Is None Or Just A Ploy To Get Rudy In Office?

Yes, MSNBC reports that Grand Emperor of the Evil Empire Bush's Vice President Dick Cheney has an irregular heartbeat.

Just one question: what proof is there he has a heart?

Ask the people of Iraq, of Afghanistan, our soldiers, to name but a few. I suspect they have no such evidence.

But beware: there has been speculation even among some on the right for more than a year that Cheney would conveniently disappear with at least a year to go to Bushdom to introduce a Rudy Giuliani, for example, in the Veep seat.