Budgetary Delusion Goes Unchallenged

Yesterday, the mainstream media fell over itself reporing that the federal deficit had actually dropped faster and farther than anyone could have predicted.

Even if you didn't need a road map to know this was wrong, consider this. On Thursday, I believe it was, Mr. Bush signed a transportation bill that is notoriously pork-packed even in town for pork-packing is legendary.

A nearly 300 billion dollar transportation bill means that every man, woman, child and oh yes, even "snowflake baby" has to fork over about a thousand dollards EACH. That's before interest, pricing problems, product overruns, etc and the fact that any job that requires transportation costs as part of it - like this one will - is going to hemorrhage money.

So please, tell us again how the deficit is dropping at record levels.

Today's Anniversary

This is the day 70 years ago when Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Social Security into law.

Now, less than three-quarters 0f a century later, we have a president hell-bent on destroying it.


Conspiracy: Part 2

Now comes my serious question - and I'd like to hear from as many of us as are willing to share. Please feel as free to post anonymously. I think it's more important to discuss this than worry about who said what.

But here's the question, which itself is a two-parter: do you believe there has been a substantial amount of federal lies about 9/11 and what actually happened? And if you do think so, does the doubt you have included serious questions about whether 9/11 was designed right here in the US, and possibly, real close to 1600 Pennsylvania Av?

A Two-Parter - Part One: Background

Vince from Spazzzdic Musings shared an email with me - I won't detail it here because if Vince wants to post it, he will - that brought up the issue of conspiracy theories and 9/11.

Right after 9/11 happened, more than a few people quietly raised the question with me, "Do you think everything we saw and heard was real?" Oh, the death and destruction was certainly real; no one is questioning that. But even on the day it happened, some things did not exactly seem quite right. The notably few stories - just a few - ever published about a plane flying so low before it hit the Pentagon. The big screen they put up around the Pentagon attack position. The pictures of the aftermath that did not quite look like a plane hit it. And a casual remark by one Pentagon worker who stated that the funny thing was that the expanse of grass in front of the point of impact showed no wheel marks - and we learned it had to have touched the ground before it hit.

Then there was the plane that went down in Pennsylania. The early reports it was shot down that the government then pretended it did not say. The strangeness of the debris field. The government's fierce lie about the reason the plane went down was because the "Let's Roll" team subdued the hijackers and brought the plane down so it wouldn't go into the White House (that destination also turned out to be a lie) even when evidence showed that this was not quite what happened.

Then there's the whole issue of the literally hundreds of different security measures that ALL had to fail that day to allow all of those missions to succeed. Then the incredible reluctance by the Bushies to allow a citizen's investigation, followed by his appointment of Kissinger - Mr Top Secret t0 head the panel when it was already known Kissinger had conflicts of interest.

My mind had changed substantially from my strong refusals to believe 9/11 was anything more than the horror it appeared to be. I do not know how much was faked - not faked in the sense of it not happening, although I question the Pentago situation strongly but faked in the sense of the the government's version of "facts" - but I know 9/11's true story of who was behind it is not something we currently know. Perhaps we never will, and that is almost more terrible than the loss and terror of that day itself.

It literally breaks my heart - and this is not hyperbole on my part - to believe our government was complicit in the deaths of so many people, but I do now believe that. Too much makes no sense. And there would have be no need to massively control the media, as the Bushies did, unless you needed the media to shut up about anything that wasn't kosher.

But here is what I know believe:

There are a group of people within the US - and almost certainly within the top echelons of our government - who knew about 9/11 beforehand, helped orchestrate the failures of security systems on that day, and have carefully controlled the story, the message after the fact.

Also, 9/11 had to happen to have what the Bushies needed: an American so terrified they would go along with anything, so terrified they would suspect their neighbors, meet any notes of dissent with death threats and forced silence, ignore what the US was doing to others. Since 9/11, these same persons have used fears about another attack to manipulate everything from budget and the supposed checks and balances of Capitol Hill, to our responses; they've cooked war, bankrupted the country, removed freedoms promised to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I R Bak

You can tell I was an English major, I'm sure.

But, after a week of total screwball insanity, I think you'll be seeing more of me again (you poor, poor people). Yet, on a good note, we're seeing less of Bush as he hides away from a 140 lb Gold Star mother whose son died in Mr. Bush's cooked war, Cindy Sheehan, whom the right is seeing fit to attack like she's Osama bin Laden's henchman.

Classless, classless people.


So the New Head of the Saud Family

is the same guy Bush held hands with for half an hour in the spring, walking through a field of Texas flowers. How lovely.

John Roberts

Hearing - or thankfully, just reading (her voice is annoying) - Ann Coulter write about why John Roberts is a bad choice for the Supreme Court isn't enough to get me to like him. And mind you, I think there's a strategy afloat to have vocal conservative nut cases target Roberts to try to get more centrist minded people to think he's not so bad.

Roberts' wife's involvement in Feminists for Life, or some such nonsense, is bothersome in a way that is important. Roberts and his wife only married a handful of years ago, both nearly into middle age; her activities predate their marriage and he no doubt factored them into their marriage.

But the WH's refusal to release more papertrail on Roberts bothers me most. What don't they want us to see?

Wait. I'm wrong. What bothers me most is that we'll get Roberts regardless of how any of us feels, and polls show as Americans are more concerned with Bush's integrity and honesty, they are increasingly concerned with anyone he promotes as "the best choice."

My Apologies

Folks- I am so sorry I've been absent the past few days and likely to be absent for most of a few more. Work is nightmarish and that's not the only thing on my plate right now. But I know I owe responses to comments for too long, and emails, and I promise to get to it.

But please, feel free to post some comments of things on your own and commence your own discussions. I'll pop in as I can and - hopefully- by the weekend, you'll see me far more active.