New And Important Book: "Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace"

[Ed. note: The Chickenhawk Conservatives love to say they're patriotic and they're the ones to "support the troops" yet funny how it is that a few studies (how scientific, I'm not sure but I can say that I sampled a random mix of 150 "left" blogs vs. 150 "right" blogs and my results match this) have shown that more "progressive" or "left" or "peace-promoting" blogs discuss real ways to support troops than do the Hindrakers and Malkins and O'Reillys of the world.]

This book I found out about on MichaelMoore.com (no, really, that Michael Moore, rather than the great patriots like Cal Thomas or Sean Hannity or Annthrax Coulter):

Written by some 80 War veterans (spanning five (5) wars) as part of the Veteran's Writing Workshop edited by Maxine Hong Kingston and published by the good folks at KOA Books, this would be a much better purchase for people than Nascar crap or Wal-Mart super crap. Royalties from this book (more than 80%) will go to very, very worthwhile organizations, many of them to promote peace between America and other nations.

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