Post 1 of 2: CentCom: What Extremists Are Saying

Some of you may recall that I've gotten a tad of criticism (::clearing throat::) from CentCom for not posting their press releases in full. So I'm going to be a "good little American blogger" (although not exactly Little Green Footballs [LGF] and Michelle Malkin quality - oh please, how could I ever reach such lofty levels!) and give you a big chunk of today's CentCom special.

But what you can do for me is to be sure you read Post 2 in this two-part series; because you'll see that perhaps at least one other "extremist" is doing right here at home. This is purported to be a senior al Qaeda operative who perhaps was brought into this country by none other than the CIA or NSA after today's Al Qaeda #2 man Dr. Al Zawahiri drafted him to be part of the hit squad who killed Anwar Sadat in 1981. This man, Ali Mohammed, then infiltrated MAJOR security programs as well as the big Delta Force and the Green Berets while perhaps also helping blueprint the first World Trade Center attack AND September 11th (911) - has one very huge rabbi: the Bush 43 Administration.

So where is this so-called "one man 9-11 commission" (so named because he can name everyone in on 9-11)? Probably living in and around New York City in federal witness protection, having been made a proud American citizen back in the Reagan-Bush I years.

And who helped keep him from "paying" for his extremism? Well, besides Bush 41 and 43, the "elite" federal prosecutors of the Southern District out of New York, the names of which include Patrick Fitzgerald and Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani. (wait... where have I heard Giuliani's name before... oh, right, America's "most" popular politician... the man who wants to be Bush 43's successor... the same man who led New York City for the "terrorist" attacks on the World Trade Center).

OK, now for CentCom:

First Issue of the Technical Mujahid, a New Periodic Magazine Related to Technology and Internet Security Published by al-Fajr Information Center

The first issue of what is indicated to be a period magazine, “Technical Mujahid” [Al-Mujahid al-Teqany], published by al-Fajr Information Center, was electronically distributed to password-protected jihadist forums Tuesday, November 28, 2006.

This edition, 64-pages in length, contains articles that primarily deal with computer and Internet security, in addition to other pieces explaining Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and video types, editing, and encoding into different formats. The editors of the publication state that it was written to heed the directives of the Emir of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, and his call for technical support. Material

such as this, regarding anonymity on the Internet, concealing of personal files locally on a computer, and utilizing all schemes of encryption, is to serve as electronic jihad, and a virtual means of supporting the Mujahideen.

Like individual postings made by jihadist forum members concerning Internet security and protection of incriminating files, or manuals that were provided by the Global Islamic Media Front for the same, the “Technical Mujahid” demonstrates the technical acumen of the jihadists. Articles like, “The Technique of Concealing Files from View” and “How to Protect Your Files, Even if Your Device was Penetrated,” were written for the intermediate to advanced user, and describe a variety of methods and software that provide security. Links to download referenced software, such as the VMware virtual machine, and key generators to unlock features are also given by the editors. Another writer discusses PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software and determines that its encryption is not adequate for the needs of the Mujahideen.

Another article, The Last Card: We Need it in their Homeland, written by a member of the information office of the Islamic Army in Iraq, like the editorial contained in the magazine and an introductory message, emphasizes the great purpose of jihad in the information sector. This front is determined by the author to be “a main pillar in the battle of Islam against the Crusaders and the polytheist belief”. To this end, advertisements for the most recent Juba sniper video from the Islamic Army in Iraq and a news caption about its release on DVDs in Iraq, is used as an example.

For future issues, the editors urge members of the jihadist Internet community to submit articles in the field of technology for publishing. They write: “My kind, technical Mujahid brother, the magnitude of responsibility which is placed upon you is equal to what you know in the regard of information. Do not underestimate anything that you know; perhaps a small article that you write and publish can benefit one Mujahid in the Cause of Allah or can protect a brother of yours in Allah. This way you will gain the great reward with the permission of Allah”.