The Bullshit Baker Commission And The "Centrist" Position on Iraq

I meant to steer folks over to Glenn Greenwald's analysis of the much heralded (no frickin' idea why, IMHO) James Baker Commission study on Iraq. It's well worth your time if just for the links offered and to imagine how much the neocons keep whining that they are sadly misunderstood and were really, really right to want to invade Iraq and take over the world, one Bush invasion at a time.

Glenn also points us to this list of Baker Commission elves from energy groups (heh), mega financiers, and the likes of a corporate security guy from Bechtel, and wait.. Clifford May?

Clifford May? That asshole???? And frankly, an anus is ever much more useful than Cliff May because you need your ass at least once a day to keep your body in good working order. Cliff May hasn't been useful once in his frickin' life!

As I recall, the last time I looked at the roster and agenda for the "U.S. Institute for Peace" (more of the Bush-Baker Iraq elves), its name was NOT apt. This is more appropriately called the U.S. War Machine Propaganda Corporation.