Bush To Raise A Half Billion Dollars For His Presidential Library

And as Keith Olbermann asked on Countdown on MSNBC just now, "Just how many copies of "My Pet Goat" does one library need?"

Half a Billion. Half a billion. For a president whose only book we ever really saw him read was "My Pet Goat"... while hundreds and thousands of Americans died.

How about making Mr. Bush - who is OUR overpaid, underqualified employee - raise half a billion more appropriately for:

  • health care to help the rising number of Americans without health insurance (or care) under his tenure
  • education
  • books for real students
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • alternative fuels (how come Brazil will be energy dependent next year and we can't even do better than making an "energy efficient" hog of a Humvee?)
  • Darfur (please visit Save Darfur)
  • a real investigation into 9-11

Better yet, how about a half billion for each of these and still more? It's not like we expect Bush the Genius to actually lead us.