Bushies Love Activisit Judges When They Are Theirs


WASHINGTON (AP) -- A judge threw out a lawsuit Wednesday that sought to block the No Child Left Behind law, President Bush's signature education policy. The National Education Association said it would appeal.

The NEA and school districts in three states had argued that schools should not have to comply with requirements that were not paid for by the federal government.

Chief U.S. District Judge Bernard A. Friedman, based in eastern Michigan, said, "Congress has appropriated significant funding" and has the power to require states to set educational standards in exchange for federal money.

The NEA, a union of 2.7 million members and often a political adversary of the administration, had filed the suit along with districts in Michigan, Vermont and Bush's home state of Texas, plus 10 NEA chapters in those states and Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Utah.
Bush's home state of Texas, where illiteracy, poverty, juvenile executions, and teen pregnancies lead the country (what a great standard), and which is arguably considered the worst state for education - bad before but a sharp falloff during the Bush years (governor and president).

Would You Hire This Man?

Ah, but the government did. Kept paying disgraced FEMA director Michael Brown even after the debacle of Katrina. And I have ZERO doubt he'll get lucrative government contracts from our Chief of Homeland Manipulated Insecurity.

Brown has set up his own emergency planning agency.



Promise I'll Post Soon

Things are bizarre and getting more so.

But until I can, please feel free to discuss any of the following in Comments (and there's far more than I list, so have a shot):

  • The Murtha Moment - the Congresswoman from Ohio, Ms. Schmitt, who has sullied the Iraqi war veteran she ran against as well as Murtha, should NOT walk down any dark allies in front of me any year soon
  • How the GOP hijacked the Murtha statement to force a ridiculous vote on immediate pullout just to make sure no pullout happens
  • Condi and Donny (Rumsfeld) running about saying they aren't Bob Woodward's Plamegate "Creep" Throat
  • Reports that some of our "detainees" in our custody have been found dead with drill holes in their heads, hands, feet, and torso - American-made drills, we hear - while more about widespread abuse of apparently innocent people is coming out
  • The Israeli vote that took Ariel Sharon out of the extremist right wing Likud party and may force early general elections (dumpster Sharon, please)
  • Bush's extremely poor performance in Asia, especially China, where he went into "better" trade negotiations by ridiculing the Chinese in Japan
  • The deepening Abramoff-DeLay scandal while Tommy "Bug Boy" runs about proudly proclaiming he still runs Washington single-handed
  • Wolf Blitzer's embarrassing attempt to find his own testicles yesterday while interviewing Rumsfeld; Wolfie at least asked Rumsfeld tough questions three times before he gave up and let Rummy ask himself questions and then give the answers he chose
  • The 147th report of al Zarqawi's death - don't worry; we'll resurrect him next time we want to blame him for something
  • Howie Kurtz's even greater embarrassment on CNN yesterday while interviewing MoDo (Maureen Dowd) trying to turn Judith Miller's act of treason into a matter of "just a cat fight between girls"

There's a million topics to discuss before we all come down with Avian flu. ;)