The Hunger That Goes Unspoken

I'm late bringing this up, but Morgan Brown was not in bringing it to our attention after the Bush Administration basically said, "There are no more hungry Americans."

No, there are now "Americans with very low food security." Sounds a little like Tom Ridge is standing there placing duct tape on individual grains of rice.

From Morgan, from the Rutland Herald last week:

MONTPELIER — As most Vermonters celebrate Thanksgiving around dining room tables piled high with abundance, more than 57,000 of their neighbors will likely go hungry today, as they do almost every day.

Anti-hunger advocates often use Thanksgiving to remind the public that millions of Americans go without food at least part of the year. But they are combating a new problem this year in the federal government's recent decision to eliminate the word "hunger" from a report on the subject released last week.

The annual report proclaimed that the number of Americans with very low food security has dropped slightly over previous years. Even so, 35 million Americans were said to have had difficulty feeding themselves in 2005, and, of those, almost 11 million went withoutfood.

In Vermont, hunger experts estimate that more than 57,000 people are hungry — that's more than the number of people living in Burlington and Rutland combined. And those people aren't likely to refer to their situations as "very low food security," according to U.S. Sen. PatrickLeahy, a Vermont Democrat.
The Bushies have:

very low brain security
very low compassion security
very low chance in Heaven security (unless Heaven is now run by KB&R, a division of Halliburton)