More On Death of Russia Spy And Critic Alexander Litvinenko: Why It Matters

Here's this addition to my previous post:

Scaramella has said that he met Litvinenko at a London sushi restaurant on Nov. 1, the day the former spy reported falling ill. Scaramella said he showed Litvinenko e-mails from a confidential source identifying the possible killers of Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya and listing other potential targets for assassination — including himself and Litvinenko.
This explains why Scaramella needs protection.

But is the UK - with Tony Blair as Putin and Bush's comrade - the protector or... worse? We know how filthy dirty Italy's Berlusconi is and Italy seems to factor into this mess as well.

I have to admit this situation haunts me. Since the day before Thanksgiving when I saw Litvinenko staring out from his death bed as if to challenge us, I've wondered if the challenge means, "I tried to investigate for us all but I will die soon. Can you carry the torch? I do not know. I fear you won't."

Sadly, I don't know either - not when the U.S. media is far more interested with how well Wal-Mart is doing this holiday shopping season. Yet this case has to matter to us all.

Putin. Bush. Blair. Berlusconi.

All have become enemies of democracy, of peace, of truth, of the people.

What will we do?