Third Apache Helicopter Down in Iraq in 10 Days

And the military always lies about this until it's learned that, of course, the folks with shoulder-mounted spitball shooters did indeed take down a multi million dollar helicopter and kill its entire crew.


The Drumbeat Against Iran

The media seems to keep telling us that, regarding Condi Rice's latest saber rattling toward Iran, we don't have to worry about going in there because we don't have the troops to do so.

I find that rather cold comfort, and I doubt for a moment that lack of military preparedness will stop us if we decide to go after Iran. We had similar warnings before Afghanistan and Iraq and we're still there.

And handed out last week as an almost parenthetical statement, given no attention or emphasis, is a new projection that Iraq - the war we were told would more than pay for itself - will cost us at least 2-3 trillion.


Uh huh.

Imagine for a Minute...

That Pakistan or India or hell, even France, learned that a suspected terrorist was in downtown Chicago or Salt Lake City or Boston. They decided to launch an air strike to take out that terrorist.

But, hey, life isn't perfect so not only did they fail to kill the terrorist (who has had no trial and is not convicted of the crime - only "intelligence" tells us this person is at fault and that same intelligence has been wrong again and again and again and again and again), but they happen to kill 18-20 civilians including women and children instead.

Think, "oops!" would cut it?

Yet that is our way of handling al Zawahiri in Pakistan and the death of hundreds now Iraqis when trying to get al-Zarqawi. We do this repeatedly, and we simply don't understand why Iraqis and Pakistanis would fuss.

The War on Terror is creating far more terror than it is resolving. Not just in creating many new people angry and willing to join the martyr cause, but our actions are terrorizing innocent civilians. What the hell is going on and why are we allowing it?