For All This Talk Of "Hurry Up And Send In The Iraqi Troops", Bear In Mind These May Be The Death Squads

While Bush wrested from Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki words that Iraqi forces would be ready to take over by June (what year, you ask? 2007), understand that again and again, we hear that the death squads responsible for huge numbers of deaths in Iraq are identified as Iraqi Army soldiers and Iraq police. And those who aren't part of the death squads are targeted themselves - and killed in huge numbers compared to U.S. soldiers - or risk death of their families for "helping" the U.S.

No, throwing unprepared, targeted or targeting Iraqi forces into the breech is really no answer either.

But don't expect American soldiers home anytime soon, anyway. Rumsfeld and Bush have ordered up an additional 60,000 troops to deploy there in the coming few months, with no plan to send many soldiers already there home anytime soon. Bush and Cheney keep indicating that our soldiers could be there - and getting killed themselves - well into 2008 or 2009, when Bush finally (oh please - sooner!) leaves office.