Donald Rumsfeld Needs to Read His Own Memos

Last week, he said he would refuse to call the "bad guys" in Iraq "insurgents" anymore because they didn't deserve the label and besides, they were almost all defeated now.

This week, he's calling them insurgents again.

Remember, kiddies: we go to war with the Defense Secretary we have rather than the Defense Secretary we want.

So How Long...

do you think Bush would hold up under torture?

I mean, a tough question makes him sweat a few gallons.

I also suspect anything harder than "Do you want a chili dog or beans or dinner?" is a tortuously difficult question for Little Lord Bushleroy.


Now They Eat Brent Scowcroft

Brent Scocroft, Bush I's Dick Cheney, is being pillaried because he's speaking up - and has been - about this administration's egregious behavior. Telling in his most recent missives are remarks indicating that he has known and respected Cheney for a very long time, but he does not know this Cheney.

I don't think anyone does, except perhaps Cheney's equally perverted, mean spirited, tyrannical wife... the only possible top to a Dick bottom.

So Cheney's put out the word now - widely used as a talking point - that ol Brent is senile.

What class!

Mind you, we've heard for sometime that Brent largely only speaks up when Bush I - who feels totally ignored by Sonny Boy to the point where he does love-nuts with Bill Clinton - thinks Bush II is fucking up beyond all comprehension.

I'm starting to like Brent a hell of a lot more now than I did during Bush I's term. But I can never forgive Bush I and Babs for turning Georgie Porgie loose upon the world. They knew better than anyone that Bush II was the world's grandest fuck-up short of Joey Buttafuocco (there's a stinky blast from a sordid past).

She's Really Back This Time...

and she's pissed.

'nuff said, eh?