Bernard Kerik Revisited

I love how they're calling tonight's "Friday-night-so-it-can-be-largely-ignored" so-called letter of resignation (can you resign from a post you don't hold?) from Bernie Kerik. Then he puts it on a maid who supposedly tricked him into thinking she was legal, when his credibility is zero.

But then, so is the Dept of Homeland Security. They just terminated the Inspector General (Clark Ervin) for the organization because he kept finding how the DHS only exists to funnel money to Bush campaign contributors and Rudy (buy my loyalty) Giuliani.

Due to Really Stupid Problems Beyond My Control

I can't seem to successfully open the pop-up Haloscan windows with comments so I can't see what's posted there. Hopefully, this will change once our ice/snow storm ends sometime tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

So no, I'm not being particularly rude. Just the regular amount.


Blogger Fighting

Well, that's been only part of the reason for the silence the last few days. An insane finish up schedule on two books left me shuttling at 12K RPM.

But the whole world also just seems sorta extra chaotic: We're going to run elections in January come hell or high water (how many times can the Bushies say consecutively, "It might get worse for a few months before it improves" when they've said it since we moved into Iraq?). Tommy Thompson congratulates himself on a wonderful job and then says he can't believe Osama didn't contaminate our boxes of Ricin Krispies.