Yet Another Blackhawk Down: This Time Owned By Blackwater, In Iraq

Not a good week for Blackhawk helicopters, Americans, and certainly NOT for civilians in Iraq; read about Blackhawk suing its dead American employees from an earlier Iraq incident here. Another Blackhawk, one with 13 U.S. soldiers, went down on Saturday.

From AP:

A helicopter owned by the private security firm Blackwater USA crashed Tuesday in central Baghdad, and five civilians were killed, a U.S. military official said. A senior Iraqi defense official said the aircraft was shot down over a predominantly Sunni neighborhood.
Maybe these dead contractors will be lucky and Blackhawk won't sue them. But hey, Blackhawk perhaps sees a day when they might get sued for their nefarious, some would say murderous, activities in Iraq, so they're just trying to recoup some of their "losses" (right - a company that has profited so broadly off the murder of the nation of Iraq).