Not That Nancy Grace(less) Will Apologize But: Melinda Duckette's Missing Son May Be in Korea

CNN is reporting that cops say the little boy whose disappearance this fall led to an interview by his mother, Melinda Duckette, on Nancy Grace's CNN Headline News program may be alive and well in Korea.

Grace, as you may recall, made a point both before, during, and after the interview with Duckette - a woman with some mental issues anyway - to make it clear she thought Duckette was responsible not only for the boy's disappearance but very likely for his death. Just hours after taping the Grace(less) interview and before it aired the next day, Duckette - wildly distraught - committed suicide and Grace insisted the taped program air regardless of her death. Afterwards, police lamented this whole thing, saying Duckette was probably their only link to finding the little boy, alive or dead - but hey, everything has to pale in comparison to ol Nancy's ratings.

I'd love to see ol' Nancy in an orange prison jumpsuit, trying to negotiate so some 300 lb prison bull doesn't steal her impossibly long and foolish looking false eyelashes.