Thank You For The Zappa, WoodWarbler on WGDR

Wow. A bad day was at least temporarily transformed when I kept on WGDR (streaming here) in Plainfield and, after Unwelcome Guests (a weekly radio program promoting resistance to the corporatized New World Order) ended, the Wood Warbler - as promised a few weeks ago - went into a few hours of Frank Zappa (hard to find but not impossible - he managed to find some Zappa work that can be safely played during Safe Harbor hours).

Zappa always gets me dancing around my desk with the dog (Ben's not sure about Zappa, but once his butt gets moving, it has a life of its own).

Another programmer on WGDR (the power of community-run radio), Tortoise, can be depended on to play Zappa fairly regularly, but this unexpected treat in the middle of hump day is most appreciated.