Analysis of the Buzz Words Used In Bush's State of the Union Speech

[Update with Ed. note: The Times also provides a search function with this, so you can see how abd where a particular word or phrase appeared last night or in the previous years of the Bush hijacking of the country and world. For example, I searched on "hero" - which Bush pronounces "heeee-row" - and found it showed up twice in 2002 and twice in 2007. Also tried "fail" and discovered it appeared a record 7 times last night - usually is just used once per SoTU but was more than twice the average three (3) when it has been used more than once). Funny, Bush's every fourth word, I was thinking FAILURE!]

The New York Times examines ALL 34,000 words (funny, it seemed like both far more and a lot, lot less - in terms of value - all at the same time) of the president's SoTU speech and see what boils out, key word by key word.

Did you know, for example, that the word "oil" - which oil and energy men (failed and real) Bush & Cheney have steadfastly avoided many years - appeared a record 9 times last night (3x more than Bush has ever used it in a SoTU)?

Social Security was mentioned all of once, Afghanistan just four times (it's always forgotten), with Iraq a record 34 times (never so many before), and Iran 5 (2nd to a record for Bush).

What made me most sick was Bush citing "heroes" like Autry who saved the fellow from the transit train in New York, as if by using them, Bush would himself be seen as a hero. Fat chance. Bush is only a hero to the military industrial complex and third rate federal workers like Rumsfeld and Condi Rice who would probably not have worked again in the public sector otherwise.