Another Horror To Lay At The Feet of Bush: Insurgent TV Channel A Hit In Iraq

So a new TV network that details the works of Iraq's insurgents is a surprise hit in Iraq.

Really? A surprise? To whom? To the Bushies perhaps, but to no one else paying attention.

I cannot blame the Iraqi people for this. I simply can't. I couldn't even before Bush 10 days ago insisted the Iraqi people owed him thanks - "a debt of gratitude" for killing so many of their men, women, and children, and devastating a country that has become so many times worse since our invasion in March 2003 than it was under the heinous - and American-and-Bush I propped - dictator Saddam Hussein.

The picture of this child from BushSpeaks.com may make you turn away in horror. But in Iraq, you cannot turn away from this. It's every day reality under Bush.