Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and Dept of Justice Complicit in War Crimes and FISA Violations

From Constant at Constant's Pations (and Geneva here refers to Geneva War Conventions):

Effectively managing the FISA and Geneva issues means facing the problem in the Department of Justice: The Attorney General and Staff counsel have been complicit with illegal violations of Geneva; and have refused to remove themselves from illegal violations of the US COnstution.

Digging through their mess will take some time. The work needs to start now. The task will be easier when the Attorney General resigns, and the DOJ OPR working with the Congress, DOJ IG and GAO can outline the scope of problems, and support new leadership.

Habeas and 10th Amendment

Ref Congress only has power to deny habeas during invasion or rebellion; otherwise, the Congress is denied that express delegation of power, and reserved to the states and We the People.