Imagine Spending 21 Years In Prison For a Crime You Didn't Commit

Just read this over at African American Political Pundit and it made me sick. And yes, these are exactly the stories that keep me awake at night, which make me worry about how many Willie Williams are out there, as well as how many people are put to death for crimes they did not commit.

AAPPunit says: Here is a post from Mirror on America that we all should think about if we support the death penalty. This and other stories like it make this an American disgrace. Instead of spending billions on a war on Iraq, we should be spending money fixing our schools, health care, criminal justice system, and so many other things in our own country. But that’s just my opinion.

Big hat tips to Mirror on America and The Innocence Project.

Willie O. Williams spent 21 years in prison for crime he did not commit

Please don't fall into the (perhaps understandable) trap of thinking, "Yeah, well, that's in Georgia, where blacks have traditionally had such a tough time; it couldn't happen here". Alas, it can. In fact, it probably does everyday and in nearly every state.