I Say, Let GOP Weirdo Michele Bachmann Go Ahead And Stalk The President

Bachmann, if you missed it, is the woman who so enthusiastically latched onto Bush last night, held him in a death grip (according to The New York Times' blog), got his autograph and, when he went to kiss some other Republican floozy, grabbed him to get her own kiss.

Bachmann, the nutcase, is a newly-minted GOP Rep from a Bible Belt state (of course). From Greg Sargent at Talking Points Memo:

As you may have heard, commentators and bloggers were abuzz today about GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, who got a hug from the President last night at the State of the Union -- and refused to let go.

But we've got more: It looks like Bachmann's...feelings...for Bush go back farther than we all thought.

Perhaps if Bachmann - and boy, Condi must want her dead for man-handling her husband master - wants to stalk him, we should let her. Let him run and hide in fear for a change, rather than the rest of us.

If you question what kind of a brain trust she is for loving Condi's president so much, read this from TPM Election Central (about the woman they now call the new Katherine Harris):
As we were driving, President Bush was constantly waving to people along the streets. I was struck by the humility he has towards his role as President of the United States. He enjoys connecting with people, even ever so briefly, and having them feel they have made contact with the President of the United States. I turned around and looked out the back window. The expressions on people's faces were priceless. They were just ecstatic when they realized The President had just waved at them.

If they were ecstatic, I can not even put into words the honor and joy I felt from having the support of The President.