Question: Is Bush's "Gassy" State of Union Speech Designed To Drive Up Lowering Fuel Prices?

This question occurred to me when I read that, besides just telling Americans to cut back 20% (which on its face is not at all bad, but considering who it comes from seems very questionable), President Bush will also announce he will add considerably to the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Now, the Bushies have socked away so much fuel there, record levels - refusing to release any of it even during times of emergency, like after Hurricane Katrina - that we have had to lease whole new repositories to store the stuff. And everytime Bush has gone "fuel hog wild" in adding to the reserve - and now, with his call to cut fuel consumption - the gas prices, lowering in the past few weeks after going really high again (magically) after the November mid-term elections when low prices could have helped the Bushies' friends, tend to rocket back high again.

So will we see gas prices skyrocket again this week? Maybe even tomorrow, after his speech?

Another battle in Bush's war on the middle and working class Americans.