Bush In His State Of Union Address Will Tell You To Cut Your Fuel Consumption 20%

Interesting. Very interesting. The president will ask Americans to cut back fuel consumption at least 20%; this from the man who right after he touted research into hydrogen fuel cars then cut ALL money to such research, who called us addicted to oil last year at the same time Bush was pushing the biggest tax breaks for those who bought the biggest, gas-guzzling SUVs. And the Bush twins are constantly jetting around the world and, when in the U.S., traveling in huge caravans, while I'm sure the president will not in any way make Jenna and Barbara cut back on fuel consumption (or their illegal drug and alcohol consumption either, for that matter). From AP:

In his first State of the Union address to a Democratic-controlled Congress, President Bush will urge that gasoline consumption be slashed by 20 percent, the White House said, and press lawmakers not to resist his Iraq war buildup.