Why Is CNN Allowing Glenn Beck To Use the Word "Faggot" And Why Are Best Buy And Office Depot Sponsoring It?

I didn't think I could be any more amazed (in a very negative way) at what either Glenn Beck or Nancy Grace(less) would be allowed to do on something CNN laughingly called Headline News, but this has shocked me anew. From AmericaBlog:

UPDATE: ThinkProgress has the video of CNN host using the word "faggot" and demeaning its negative impact. (We couldn't have captioned the screen shot better.)

Best Buy and Office Depot support CNN host Glenn Beck. They had their ads running on the very show that Beck used the word "faggot" last night. Time to ask Best Buy and Office Depot if they agree with Beck that "faggot" is just a "naughty name." More from "My Two Sense" blog:

Contact Best Buy online here

Best Buy Co., Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 9312
Minneapolis, MN 55440-9312

Contact Office Depot online here

Office Depot
2200 Old Germantown Road
Delray Beach, FL 33445
God, I don't even hear my relatives use the word "faggot" anymore.

[Author's note: Of course, I don't happen to talk to them (my family) anymore, which helps me escape their colorful descriptions of gays, Jews, Muslims, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Italians, New Yorkers and New Jerseyians, Southerners, West Coasters, computer users, fat people, short people, "too white" people ... you name it, they hate them ... although they withhold special hate for me for "loving" those they hate (Go figure, something I read a silly fellow named Christ tried to teach!).]