A Measure of the Far Rights' Great Fear of A Strong African American Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama?

I think this is very much what is going on with the far right - ever so desperate to maintain the "status" of rich, fat, Anglo-Saxon white men - doing everything possible to denounce and "Swift Boat" Senator Barack Obama. What's the Point brings us this about the awful new site, The Truth About Obama:

I got word of a press release yesterday from a website calling itself ObamaTruth.org. So, of course, I checked it out. Didn’t take more than a second to realize that it was almost certainly a secretly funded, Swift Boat-style astroturfing project.

Is it from Club for Growth? McCain? A shadowy group of Democrats? Perhaps, we’ll never know. But, like with all of these sinister projects, there is very little "truth" to be found.

For example…

The first item — posted below a four part YouTube video, which attempts to reinforce the claims below and includes some suspiciously professional voice work — is from a September 26th piece at the Sun-Times entitled "Senator’s family rakes in nearly $1.7 mil. in 2005."

In it, we learn that Obama earned $1.2 million from his book deals. And that Obama now makes $154,047 as a Senator. Both extremely shocking.

We also learn that Michelle Obama earns $316,962 in 2005 in role as Vice President for Community and External Affairs for University of Chicago Hospitals. She also earned $45,000 serving on the board of a foods company called Treehouse, Inc. (More on Treehouse below.)
Hell, this shows they're far more afraid of a strong, smart, savvy black man than they are even of that "heathen bitch" woman (another group the far right truly abhors), Hillary Clinton.