While Bushies Call Traitor to Troops Anyone Who Would Cut Iraq War Funding, Bush Cuts Case Workers Who Help Severely Hurt Troops

This just really gets me. The Bushies for weeks now have called anyone - Republican, Dem or unaffiliated - who would try to cut funding for the Iraq War even before Bush's surge, a traitor or that they couldn't care less about the troops.

Yet, on the eve of the State of the Union, as he demands a surge of troops into ever-more-violent Iraq, Bush, with the help of the Defense Department, cuts jobs of case workers who help rehabilitate the most severely injured of our troops, according to the Army Times.

Right. And Bush and the Pentagon are the true heroes, who care so deeply about our troops, who know the only way to really do these poorly paid young men and women justice is to increase tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires as a "sacrifice" to our American soldiers.