From "No Quarter": "Mommy! Iran Did TOO Do It!"

Perfect, from Larry Johnson's "No Quarter":

Barbara Bush did a bang-up job with her eldest who always seems to find somebody or some country to blame. I have to wonder if little bro Jeb felt like Iran when he was a kid. ("Mommy! Jeb put antitank mines in my toy truck! Did TOO!") From Think Progress:

“Evidence of Iranian involvement in Iraq’s troubles is limited. U.S. troops have found mortars and antitank mines with Iranian markings dated 2006,” the Los Angeles Times reports. “But there has been little sign of more advanced weaponry crossing the border, and no Iranian agents have been found.”

Noting how the media have responsibly disproved Faux Nothing News's wild, false accusations that Barack Obama attended a madrassa as a child -- with Fox's "morning zoo crew speculating that Barack Obama secretly attended an Islamic Terrorism Training Center between the ages of 6 and 8" -- and that Hillary Clinton's campaign spread that news (also false), Glenn Greenwald is encouraged that the media are "beginning to engage in a similar exercise concerning the President's war-pushing accusations towards Iran."