Saying We're Surrounded By Idiots May Be Too, Too Kind

From Jon Ponder at Pensito Review - and yes, I'm serious that calling these poll respondents idiots may be far too nice a phrase:

We are surrounded by idiots:
    56% of Americans do not trust their president in a crisis.

    Forty percent describe Bush as honest and trustworthy, equaling the low point of his presidency.
Thank goodness 57 percent of us have realized he’s a liar; unfortunately 3 percent aren’t sure.

Other numbers:
Right track: 26 percent. Wrong track: 71 percent. Post says this is the worst these ratings have been in more than a decade.
Overall approval of Bush: 33 percent positive (lowest in this poll since he took office) and 65 percent negative.
Job performance: Only 17 percent strongly approve of the way he is handling his job; 51 percent strongly disapprove.
Handling of war: 29 percent approve; 70 percent disapprove.
Trust Bush in a crisis: 42 percent yes; 56 percent no.

State of the Union:

Only two presidents have had lower approval ratings on the eve of a State of the Union speech. Richard Nixon was at 26 percent in 1974, seven months before he resigned in disgrace because of the Watergate scandal. Harry S. Truman was at 23 percent in January 1952, driven down by public disapproval of the Korean conflict and his firing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

More than 40% TRUST Bush in a crisis?

Think about any of these and reconsider, ninnies!

  • The nearly 300 parts of the government that all failed on 9/11
  • America's bankruptcy (ever more tax cuts for the wealthiest)
  • The response to Hurricane Katrina (what? you think he'd do better in an emergency with white people? I really wouldn't wanna bet the farm on it, people!)
  • The "planning" for bird flu (take a Rumsfeld-profiting Tamiflu and call Canada in the morning while Bush arranges to have the military hold you at gunpoint in forced community quarantine)