While The Bush Twins Party And The Bush Twit Pats Self On Back For "Selling" His Surge...

Saturday was a most deadly day in Iraq, and we're only talking about U.S. soldiers (the civilians are dying at a record pace as well, for even less reason.

But first, here's Bush congratulating himself since he gets endless do-overs (even though he somehow manages never, ever to get anything right):

Bush insisted on Thursday his reworked Iraq strategy could succeed as he worked on a State of the Union speech expected to include a new defense of his much-criticized policy.
And then there's this:
U.S. forces had one of their costliest days in Iraq on Saturday when 21 troops were killed, including 13 in a helicopter and five in a clash in a Shi'ite holy city the U.S. military said was triggered by militiamen.

The battle at a government building in Kerbala was the bloodiest for U.S. troops in the Shi'ite south in two years and occurred as President George W. Bush presses leaders of the Shi'ite majority to crack down on militias from their community.

Hours after reporting three deaths in separate incidents and the loss of all 13 passengers and crew aboard a Blackhawk transport helicopter, the U.S. military said five soldiers were killed and three wounded in the Kerbala clash.

It was the deadliest day for U.S. forces since Bush announced 10 days ago he was sending about 20,000 troops to Iraq to try to prevent sectarian civil war between Shi'ites and the once- dominant Sunni Arab minority. His plans have run into resistance from opposition Democrats who now control Congress.
But hey, I'm glad Barbara and Jenna, the Bush twins, still have the luxury of continuing to party to celebrate their graduation from college... three fucking years ago.