Full Detainee Trial Manual Online For Your Reading (Dis)Pleasure

Discourse.net points us to the full text of the disastrous and just patently completely and horribly wrong detainee court manual the Pentagon/Department of Defense(less) has put together to insure that trials of detainees they hold will not only find the defendants guilty even when there is no evidence, but also make sure that whatever remained of a notion of fairness in American jurisprudence is completely and utterly shot to hell. [Here is my earlier post from the AP article.]

So many times, especially since Bush took office, I have been ashamed of what people who represent my country have done.

But this manual - and everything done at Gitmo - increases that shame a thousand fold.

Find it here in PDF form. And then you should let your feelings be known.

What they will do to the least of us, they will do to the rest of us. Remember that when they knock on your door and drag you out.