Bush Must Be Tantrumming Tonight With News Fidel Castro May Be Recovering

I've said it 3,000 times before and here, I'll say it again: the only reason Fidel Castro is still alive and still in at least marginal power in Cuba is because the United States has spent the better part of five decades trying to kill him or at least overthrow him.

From the Bay of Pigs disaster to the really low point where the Cuban exile nutwing joined with the far right Republican nutwing to hold five year old Elian Gonzalez captive in Miami, away from his father, after his mother kidnapped him, just to shaft ol' Fidel again (and one of the few high praises I have for then Attorney General Janet Reno is that she went against the nutwing to return the boy), Fidel will no doubt have the last laugh.

So I have no doubt whatsoever that Bush is kicking the shit out of his desk in the oval office tonight (yeah, right, like he'd be at work on a Friday) at the news that Castro is making slow but steady progress.

Trust me, I'm no big advocate of Castro. But the Cubans would not have been in any better shape if the ruling class - who treated the citizens of Cuba like their God-given slaves - had remained there rather than fleeing to Florida after Castro's revolution.