Also On Subject Of Cancer, While President Boasts Of Reduced Cancer Deaths, He Lies About Cutting Funding

My previous post about Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake reminds me of this nasty state of affairs: As Keith Olbermann noted on Countdown on MSNBC tonight, President Bush found yet more to lie about this week as he scrambled to take credit for two positives he had absolutely nothing to do with (Bush and positive progressive action cannot co-exist, it seems).

While bragging this week that cancer deaths were down for the second year in a row (and this is not something that happens just because he implemented something - which he didn't - but perhaps more because chronic illnesses such as diabetes and asthma are claiming far more lives now without medical systems in place to stop it), Bush said he had increased money for cancer research.

Only, Bush didn't increase cancer research funding. In fact, he did quite the opposite.

Yes, cancer research dollars contributed by the federal government have increased slightly. However, these increases were not ones ordered by Bush, but a carry-over of a multi-year research increase set forth by Bill Clinton when he was still in office. [As we know, the Bushies only credit Clinton with negatives.]

In fact, Bush CUT federal funding for cancer research for this past year. And, right after he bragged and boasted and claimed to increase funding this week, he actually slashed MORE federal money from cancer research for the coming budget year.

Scum-sucking worm.