Ohio Vote Rigging - Too Little, Way Too Late

Reported by DBK at Skippy (International):

the asspress reports that an ohio prosecutor is prosecuting three election workers for rigging the vote in the 2004 presidential election.
    "the evidence will show that this recount was rigged, maybe not for political reasons, but rigged nonetheless," prosecutor kevin baxter said. "they did this so they could spend a day rather than weeks or months" on the recount, he said.
Oh, the rigging went much deeper - just ask former Ohio Secretary of State and Bushie Butt Smoocher , Ken Blackwell (who, just like Katherine Harris in Florida in the cooked voting there in November 2000, was coordinating Bush's campaign while also in charge of the voting process as a whole).

Why isn't a prosecutor going after Blackwell? And the Bushes, for that matter.