(Attorney General) Gonzalez (and Girls!) Gone Wild!

Forgive me, but I had to add this pathetically amusing bit from Glenn in another post at Unclaimed Territory re: the FISA/domestic spying-wiretapping hearings yesterday:

The one important fact which I neglected to mention was that Gonzales -- in order to placate Hatch's deep and intense pornography "concerns" -- proudly touted what he called "the Girls Gone Wild prosecution," the epic criminal case where the DOJ prosecuted the producer of that series for failing to keep his paperwork in compliance with the onerous document provisions imposed by one of Mark Foley's many new pornography laws.

So in the middle of the Epic, Overarching, Greatest and Most Important War of Civilizations of this Time and Any Other Time, Alberto Gonzales and Orrin Hatch spent their time at a Congressional hearing designed to exercise Justice Department oversight talking solmenly about Girls Gone Wild.
Hatch strikes me as a very creepy old queen. Gonzalez is extremely creepy in a whole different way.