The Christian Mafia? Hillary's Spiritual Adviser? Eh?

Also from Wayne Madsen, offered without (much) comment (unless you can hear my disgruntled harumphing):

"Christian Mafia" spokesperson tossed out of high-tech firm's leadership.

WMR has highlighted in the past the activities of the secretive "Fellowship," a group of wealthy "Christians" who are headquartered in Arlington, Virginia and whose tentacles reach into the White House (the Fellowship sponsors the annual National Prayer Breakfast in February), the Congress, the Pentagon, and foreign governments. The Fellowship is led by Douglas Coe, who Sen. and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton referred to as her "spiritual adviser" in her biography. Senator Sam Brownback, another presidential candidate, is a follower of the Fellowship.

The Fellowship's anointed spokesman, former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Richard Carver has been effectively expelled, along with his colleagues, from the governance of Competitive Technologies, Inc. (AMEX: CTT) as the result of a stockholders' meeting held January 16, 2007. With enough proxy votes, former CTI corporate officials managed to vote out Carver's group and take back control of the company. After the vote, Carver and his associates reportedly snuck out of the building where the shareholder meeting was being conducted. An altercation between the outgoing corporate officials, the rebels led by ex-CEO John B. Nano, and Fairfield, Connecticut police took place on January 18 when the CTI officials voted out refused to concede control to the victorious insurgent stockholders. CTI incumbents claimed that a quorum was not present for the proxy fight while the insurgents said a quorum was, in fact, present.

The scene in Connecticut is emblematic of the Fellowship, also known as the "Christian Mafia."