You Need A Scorecard To Keep Up With All The People President Bush Blames For Iraq Failures Which Is Everyone But Himself And His Administration

[Ed. note: Just for giggles, let me add that Saddam Hussein's nephew has escaped from prison. Wow, I see the Bushies take Iraq security very seriously.]

A few posts earlier, I noted that President Bush indicates it's up to the American people to come to some concensus on what should be done in Iraq (Cliffs' Notes version: Bush wants Americans to agree blindly with whatever he decides to do). So #1: American people are responsible.

In the last post, I noted the U.S. News & World Report article where Bush plans to take his own sweet time "pretending" to read the Iraq Study Group/Baker-Hamilton Commission report recommendations before he categorically states he's not going to follow any of them. Mind you, I happened to hear yesterday that Bush is planning an extended Christmas vacation of perhaps 2-3 weeks during which Iraq's probably not going to interfere with his naps and "brush cutting". Hope your sons and daughters fighting in Iraq and those causing so much destruction in Iraq also will be able to take 2-3 weeks off with as much leisure care as Mr. Bush & Company. So #2: Baker-Hamilton group is responsible for coming up with a plan Bush can ignore.

And now? Mr. Bush is insisting it is up to Democrats to come up with a plan for Iraq and to speak out. Doesn't matter the numerous times, even since the November 7th mid-terms that Mr. Bush has made it perfectly clear that the Dems can talk until they exhaust their air supply; he ain't listening. So #3: Dems are responsible.

Also, let's not forget that Mr. Bush has said many times - often privately but it does slip out publicly - that the Iraqi people themselves are responsible for the mess in Iraq. Doesn't matter that he does not allow them to make any real decisions for themselves or that what passes for leaders in Iraq right now are merely puppets of the Bush occupation. So #4: Iraqis are responsible.

Finally, giving Mr. Bush yet another entity to blame for Iraq rather than accept his own culpability: Iran has offered to help the U.S. design an exit strategy from Iraq; Mr. Bush, of course, refuses to let anyone discuss this offer with Iran. Of course. #5: Iran - with Syria - is responsible for Iraq (and we might as well throw in the Bush Administration's favorite fall guy so #7: Clinton is responsible for Iraq).