The Murderers We Pay And Protect: How The Department of Homeland Security and Justice Dept Supports a Paid Informant Who Ruthlessly Murdered Many

Glenn Greenwald introduces us to and analyzes a completely reprehensible example of the lengths (or should it be abysmal depths?) members of the Department of Homeland (In)Security and the Department of Justice - including very senior officials (think Bush's bestest lawyer Al Gonzales along with John Ashcroft) - will go to protect a murderous piece of scum just to buoy up highly questionable case(s) of their own. This is a scandal considered to be on a par with the massive abuses committed by American soldiers (and quite possibly fully sanctioned by Rumsfeld and the Pentagon) at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. From what I can glean from Glenn, this story is only playing in Britain's The Observer/Guardian and in very limited U.S. papers (Dallas Morning News among the few) when it is indeed an American story (and vicious perversion of justice).

It's not an easy read whatsoever; I cannot even summarize it here in any abbreviated capacity and still do it any justice whatsoever. But I strongly encourage you to take the time to read it.

Glenn's posts on it are here and here. You can find The Observer/Guardian piece here. Glenn also cites Narco News, an anti-drug war publication, with doing much of the original investigative legwork; you can find Narco News' piece here.